Not enough Government contracts blogs incorporate movie trivia.  So here’s my contribution to fill this obvious gap in the procurement blogosphere:  Is the following quotation (a) from a famous Monty Python skit or (b) from a conversation between two Government auditors discussing GSA’s recently-proposed effort to do away with (at least in part) the Price Reductions Clause?

“It’s not dead!”
“’Ere, he says it’s not dead.”
“Yes it is.”
“It’s not.”
“It isn’t.”
“Well, it will be soon, it’s very ill.”
“It’s getting better.”
“No it’s not, it’ll be stone dead in a moment.”
“Well, I can’t take it like that.  It’s against regulations . . . .”

Before giving you the answer, let me offer a bit of context for those who aren’t regular readers of the Federal Register – or regular watchers of Monty Python comedies.

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Partner Jonathan Aronie recently published a review of the General Services Administration’s (“GSA”) proposed rule to change the Price Reductions Clause for the Coalition for Government Procurement. The article, republished with permission from the Coalition, is above, and can be found on the Coalition’s website here.