By John Chierichella

As many of you know, we frequently write on the topic of organizational conflicts of interests ("OCIs"). Several years ago, one of our partners, Keith Szeliga, published what remains the most comprehensive and insightful article available on this topic. The article, entitled Conflict and Intrigue in Government Contracts: A Contractor’s Guide to Identifying and Mitigating Organizational Conflicts of Interest, has now been cited in three Court of Federal Claims opinions. Most recently, in Netstar-1 Government Consulting, Inc. v. United States, Judge Allegra cited Mr. Szeliga’s article with approval no less than six times.

OCIs have become an increasingly common concern for Government contractors. As a service to our clients, we have prepared and presented a 90 minute training module that provides an overview of this complex and difficult topic. The training module addresses the identification and mitigation of OCIs under existing law, as well as the proposed Federal Acquisition Regulation ("FAR") rule published at 76 Fed. Reg. 23237, which differs significantly from the existing FAR framework. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an in-house presentation.

Authored By:

John Chierichella
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